Training A Puppy To Follow Commands

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When someone gets a new puppy, they will soon be enjoying the companionship a dog provides. Puppies need guidance from a very young age to form them into an adult dog that follows commands when requested. If someone fails to start training sessions at an early age, they may find it more difficult to train their adult dog in the future.

Going to a course that provides puppy training in Northern Virginia is a great way to ensure the new member of the family is started on the right track in learning to be an obedient dog. A training course would provide the knowledge needed to give the puppy commands that it will listen to. During the time a puppy is still young, only positive reinforcement is used so it will become accustomed to getting a treat when providing a good response to a command. This reinforcement will be remembered, and the puppy will provide more and more favorable responses as a result.

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During a puppy training session, the dog will learn the basics in how to use a leash without pulling, how to come when being called, how to sit on command and when to stay in one area until their owner says it is alright to get up. The session will brush upon bathroom basics to help keep the dog from using areas of the yard where the owner would rather it would stay away from. The sessions would introduce the dog to other dogs, making it less fearful of strangers and other pets as a result.

Once a puppy learns the basic fundamentals needed, it will continue in harder programs where it will learn what bad behaviors not to perform. This is a bit different as the dog would need to adhere to stricter rules. A puppy program takes the dog’s age into account and allows a bit more leniency.

After the puppy learns the tools needed to start on the right track in good obedience during puppy training in Arlington, it will be given a certificate and graduate from the class. It will then be able to take the harder classes if needed.